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Passexams: Examination preparation resource

Here you will find links to all the past SATs Mathematics papers, complete with Mark Schemes.  Extremely useful for a pupil to self-assess with regard to their preparedness for this or similar exams and for parents or home tutors to help their children/students.


Click on the paper you want to download.

SATS: Maths Past papers

Maths Paper A 2003

Maths Paper A 2005

Maths Paper A 2006

Maths Paper A 2009

Maths Paper A 2004

Maths Paper A 2007

Mark Scheme Maths 2003

Mark Scheme Maths 2004

Mark Scheme Maths 2005

Mark Scheme Maths 2006

Mark Scheme Maths 2007

Mark Scheme Maths 2008

Maths Paper A 2008

Maths Paper B 2003

Maths Paper B 2009

Maths Paper B 2008

Maths Paper B 2007

Maths Paper B 2006

Maths Paper B 2005

Maths Paper B 2004

Mental Test2003

Mental Test 2009

Mental Test 2008

Mental Test 2007

Mental Test 2006

Mental Test 2005

Mental Test 2004

Mark Scheme Maths 2009